I don’t like laud talking around me


I got a new job there are 6 people in room talking joking very laud I don’t like it is it normal ?


It’s normal. A lot of people feel like this in this type of situation. You should still do the therapy to make things easier for yourself. It’s also possible to not care but I’m not really there yet and it’s nothing to aim for. Accept yourself and your experience to the level that you can everyday. The situation sounds like it would make a lot of people feel awkward, or at least me, but i think a lot of other people too. I’m no expert, it’s just my opinion. Good luck


As someone who can be super quiet in some situations and laugh a lot in other situations, I think both can be ways of dealing with social anxiety type feelings. In the past, sometimes people have thought I’m super outgoing or comfortable when I’m completely the opposite inside. Those people who are laughing a lot might just be dealing with their social anxieties in their own way. Or not. But it’s possible that they’re feeling awkward too so that’s why they’re trying so hard to have a good time. But I realize it can feel weird to be on the other end of that, because I’ve had that experience many times. Sometimes I find people like that super annoying, I know my sister and friend feel like this. Other times I think I can see that the loud person is just scared.


It make agitated and even to quit my job


That sucks. I’ve been in that situation too, where I just couldn’t handle things at work and quit. I’m sorry to hear that. Are you working on the therapy?


I worked 2 years ago not now


Are you working in therapy and did it help you


Hi, I actually need to do my therapy soon. I just got off the phone with my sister, it was a bit of an intense conversation. I am doing the therapy. I’ve been doing it for a year and 4 months. Things are still very difficult at times but I’ve made solid progress and have seen my efforts helping my life. I’m becoming so much more functional, resilient, and hopeful. I’m 40 now. I did the therapy in my twenties and stopped after about 4 years. It helped a lot. I then had a reaction to it, maybe I was in an extended setback and got frustrated, and had a rough time through most of my thirties. I think you should start the therapy again and do it consistently in the easiest least pressuring way for a long while. That’s what I’m planning on doing. I see a lot of solid healing potential in it. The only way our lives are going to get better is if we make that happen. The only way I think I can make it happen if if I keep practicing and reinforcing the therapy.


Do you live in USA let’s talk and share experience


I don’t think I’m up for it at this time. Sorry.