How to start therapy


Im on session 9 and i live in a house with 10 other people. there are other people that i find it easier to talk to but i basically say atleast hi to everyone everyday some people i already talk to a little more than others so im confused on where to start should i start over and just talk to one person and then move up or should i just work on talking to the people i already talk to but more consistantly and also its easier for me to talk to someone if its just me and them but in my situation there can sometimes be alot of people at once i hope this makes since can anyone help me


Again, do not make this more complicated than it should be.

The guidelines in the therapy are general guidelines, and you are are smart enough to adapt it to your situation, to your place right now, to your level, where you need to be starting from. If someone starts the therapy without anxiety in a certain area, it would not make sense necessarily to focus in that particular area. It would make sense to apply the principles and strategies to what they need to be doing.

When we say start the easiest way possible - this again is a general guideline that is relevant to all of us. Start with the step/place that is right for you. If you are already talking to many people, and you are fine with that, then yes, apply the therapy to the situations you are in right now. The idea is that whatever is challenging for you now, you approach it with the mindset of finding the easiest way to approach it. There is always a way to think of how one can approach the situation, and DO something, rather than avoid. So find that way.

I’m sure you can do that. Sounds like you’re doing some great things. Your living situation, although perhaps a challenge, also provides you with a great opportunity to use your therapy. Congratulations on sticking with the therapy and being on Session 9!