How to overcome avoidance


Currently I don’t work, and have recently quit a job because of anxiety. Having gone through the therapy series a few times I am confused. I don’t really have a problem with presentations or introductions. In fact all my social anxiety problems relate to fitting in and not being rejected by others and so I avoid most social situations. How would I use the therapy series to overcome this?


The only advice I have is kind of harsh. If I feel like I dont want to be seen, or others to judge me or I’m not feeling confident, inferior, or i make others uncomfortable around me, I realize that I won’t die from this feeling. I can stay around people and be rejected, be embarrassed and it’s ok. And , also think that I might have this forever. But, if I feel anxious, and I’m not struggling with the thoughts and feelings - they’re not going around and around in my head - then at least that in time will lessen my responses to the anxious feelings.