How Lucid Dreaming affects mental health


I would like to ask you about lucid dreaming (during sleeping we know that we are dreaming and we can do whatever we want). Having lucid dreaming requires some training (writing down your dreams, performing reality checks during day). Do you think that activities like lucid dreaming are bad for mental health? From one point of view we can train doing something difficult for us in real life while sleeping but on the other hand it may be that we are submerging in ourselves and alienate from the world as a result… What is your opinion on that topic?


Lucid dreaming can be both a powerful tool for healing anxiety but can also make it worse.

It can be powerful especially for someone with social anxiety, because you if you know you are in a dream you can safely practice exposure activities. This can be fun and very effective! I have had glimpses of this :slight_smile:

The downside is that lucid dreams are not that frequent, unless one is an active practitioner and so can’t be relied upon solely.

Also, lucid dreams might bring up unconscious fears - fears that are deep down in our psyche. Exploring unconscious fears can be a good thing but if too much comes up too fast - it might be too much for the individual to handle and further fuel the anxiety.

If at all, I feel these kinds of practices are best practiced under a mentor and even then I would be cautious.