How I overcame a different form of SA


I was a shy kid but throughout school, I received the opportunity to get involved in community events and sports.This helped limit my SA to an extent but I’m still an introvert. But, I still flinch when I see a pretty guy; it gets even worse when we’re engaged in a one-on-one conversation. I felt like this was restricting a part of my life. I knew I had to overcome dating anxiety. Tinder came up, online chat rooms were hot with discussions and dating requests. I registered but there wasn’t much success. I rate myself a 5.5/10 and an edited pic might take it to 7/10. This slightly made me depressed and I started losing confidence in my appearance. This made things in real life worse, I thought I would never be able to date a guy in my life. This was three years back. Eventually, I realized that guys weren’t my thing! But then, being a lesbian was the equivalent of being a witch in the past. I stopped using dating apps and one day, I found out what seemed to look like another generic lesbian dating website but there wasn’t much data over there. No discussion boards, just a few blog posts related to dating and an option to talk with their in-home counsellor. So I thought why not and the next few weeks were amazing- she coached me on how to bolster my confidence when I enter the dating world. Slowly, it relieved me of my anxiety and I fought back and now as I write this, I’ve dated 4 girls in a span of 3 years which is respectable. It feels good to be normal and now that the LGBT movement is strong, it’s just eternal happiness for our folks :slight_smile:


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