How do you guys supplement your therapy in your life?


Besides reading the handouts, listening to the therapy, slowly phasing the lessons into your life, what do you guys do outside of therapy that helps you in your battle against SAD?

For example, does anyone also do some form of group therapy? Or see another therapist in person? Meditate? Exercise? What are some things you guys think help work together with the online therapy series to help in your recovery.


I supplemented therapy with a group, luckily. And I had one very good friend from that group. Together we kept motivating each other to do and try things we might not have on our own. I exercised and incorporated the therapy into my exercise. A lot of my self-talk would take place while I was jogging or on the bike. I attend meet-up groups for proactivity reasons but also for personal interests - and that’s proactive, too.

People in the therapy group here now, they are so much more active than I ever was. They organize weekly events to do outside of therapy hours. Most of them meet out at least 4 nights a week, sometimes more, different activities. They tend to look for social events that really take the initiative for working against anxiety. For example yesterday was Toastmasters, tonight was swing dancing, tomorrow is salsa. Thursday might be a movie night and/or we meet at the mall for socializing and social experiments. Friday we’re attending laughter club. Saturday is therapy group day. We often go out for lunch after. Sunday is sort of outdoor day or whatever happens. That’s been the trend these past few weeks. Last Sunday some of the members did river tubing. The group members do way more than I currently do. I really admire them for how much motivation they continue to have.


Unfortunately I do not know anyone with a social phobia with whom I could meet and do something together but I found a few guys on the Internet and we’ve already met several times in a Skype conference but it’s not always possible to get everyone together. Behavioral therapy for me has nowhere to put into practice. at work to speak publicly there is no possibility. it’s difficult. Progress would be faster if there was an opportunity to speak to a group of people. Not so bad, it’s good that I at least found this book. I still have to move on and hope that there will be changes


I do exercise. I’m trying mindfulness meditation but it is quite hard for me. I just can’t stop thinking. Years ago I was doing yoga and liked it, maybe I’ll try it again.

@John_88 You mentioned “book”. Do you know there is also audio series with it?