How do I sound natural while doing the slow talk?


I practiced today, both slow talk & think. While the slow thinking instantly calmed me and made me realize how fast I rush through words in mind usually, the slow talk felt weird and not me. I understand that it takes practice, but when I slow down the talking, I am losing all melody and natural flow and it feels really mechanical…


I feel the same way. I notice the mechanical voice and lose my whole train of thought .


Personally I’m still not sure what “slow talk” is. Is this speech by MLK slow talk?


It feels mechanical at first, but I’ve found it to be effective in real conversations too. Going as slow as he talks in the video would be a little weird, but the point is just to slow down enough to give yourself time to think. I know a few people who tend to talk slowly, and imitating them helps me strike a balance between going slow enough to think and going fast enough to keep up with conversation.


Just keep at it… my problem was that I was anxious doing slow talk even to myself and while alone… I was critical of how I sounded (which is a big part of SA)… so just keep doing it and then one day it won’t seem so weird and you won’t be quite so harsh on yourself…

If you give up and stop doing it you’ll never get to the stage when you start getting benefit from it… I’ve just started noticing some benefit and don’t feel as weird doing it by myself…

The fact that it seems so strange is because we have spoken so quickly and fast (pressure of speech and mind) for so long that it doesn’t seem normal to slow down… but if you watch a confident person speak they never seem rushed!!!