Head Shaking Symptoms


I really thought I was the only one!

The only time I get them though, is when I’m put on the spot for instance I had an interview today and I totally felt my head shaking when I had to go through my contacts to give the interviewer my references phone number aloud.

It mainly only happens when I’m filling out paperwork in front of someone and I can feel them staring at me. Then I get lost in the thought of “can they see my head shaking” and I’m trying to focus on trying to get it to stop shaking. I feel that i am tense but i cant help or stop it until i feel a little more comfortable again or finally relaxed which is after I fill out what I need to. That’s the only time even tho the whole interview or interaction I’m nervous. I don’t quite get it, but it happens.


Hey guys, I don’t remember when I exeactly got it but I know I haven’t always had it, I only get it when I’m nervous or when I go to swallow, the only thing I have found to try and stop from shaking in that moment is leaning on my hand when sitting down, like putting the hand on the side of my face, I’m not sure if you guys understand but u have defiantly done it before with your hand. I hope someone can help me as I’m only a young teenager and not sure weather to go to the doctor or not.


I am so glad I found this thread. I have been dealing with this since I was 20 years old (19 years ago). It all started after a 4 month round of Accutane. This is the first time I have ever found a discussion about it.

For those writing about how it’s all in your head, and stop fighting it and giving it power, you simply have no idea what this experience is like. It is a bona-fide panic attack in short order that strikes fast and strikes hard, a super-intense JOLT that absolutely forces you to look away, that is all over you like an animal, that fills you with panic and dread and causes rapid EPT-like symptoms where your entire neck and head spasm. The immediate directive issued by the brain is GET OUT, GET AWAY, NOW. This is very real and is very noticeable by other people and trying to cope with it is very difficult because feedback loops occur that make it worse. I believe it is rooted in a disorder of neurotransmitters, probably serotonin or dopamine, that has an attached psychological component, that succeeds it.

I took Klonipin to manage symptoms for nearly all 19 years, and it works VERY well, almost too well - but benzos come along with a whole host of their own issues, and are incredible addictive. I am also a drug addict though and so for many reasons I can no longer use them to manage my life, so I am in search of new solutions. I am semi-intrigued by reading about stuff like Cyproheptadine, which is an anti-histamine with a unique anxiolytic profile. If ANY one has recommendations for drugs that can manage symptoms like these, that particularly are non-habit forming, please let me know.

This is a debilitating condition that affects every single area of life, and can be totally crippling. When you are near-phobic of eye contact with people, and experience constant panic attacks, life becomes VERY difficult. Immediate impressions are made and opinions are formed that cannot be altered and can’t be taken back from other people. You spend your time wishing that the “real” you could express themself without this awful disorder. It scares people away and people have their own adaptive techniques that make social interactions either very awkward, or just totally absent. You simply cannot go around explaining to people throughout the day that you can’t look them in the eyes because you may have some strange spasmodic attack - and this isn’t something you sit and meditate through and use positive self-talk for, at least in my case. It’s a real serious thing. It sucks. And I totally feel for you if you’ve found yourself in a small room, and in a bad way, face to face with someone and trying to cope with this. It’s like a jazz-fusion of fear and dread - IE, panic.

Again I’m so glad I don’t feel alone anymore. I hope this discussion keeps.


Hello, I never realized how many people out there experience the same symptoms that I have had for years. Since I was 4 years old I suffered from anxiety, I never asked what kind it was, I only Google it. But the worse for me is the head shaking, I get embarrassed and it has made it worse and it can turn into a panic attack.

But, I have hope…small summary…I came to realize that this is a natural thing. A lot of people don’t want to hear about faith in Christ, but with the Chaos I’ve been through was so horrible, I was always lied to about my identity, and I was told often that people don’t like me when I was a child till adulthood by a family member, and I believed it, I was surrounded by people who always believed that thier was something wrong with them and it gave them the excuse to treat people bad or be a victim.

So as an adult at the age of 22 I gave my life to Jesus and I still had this problem and I almost gave up, but for some reason I had this desire to want friends and be around people, I don’t like to feel lonely, and having social anxiety made me feel like an outcast. So I made a really hard but very possible decision to sing in front of church and speak in front of people, till this day I still have the shaking issue but every time I face it, I get this warmth in my body and I know for sure my body is going through a healing process! And I believe that is Christ working in me.

Since then other people have came up to me and confess that they have anxiety and they felt like they had no way to get through it, and when I share my testimony I see these people now working on facing this challenge and they have hope! They are doing it!! I believe that we have these problems for a reason so that we can bring hope to the people who are suffering from the same thing. It’s a process, a healing process but we have to be willing to face it and we can’t do it alone, if I didn’t have God in my heart, I would have a void and try to fill it with stuff to control it, but God is doing it for me. I hope this inspires someone here.

Your not alone!


After much research I have found that this issue is either Myoclonus or perhaps Hyperekplexia (I think this only occurs in infants though and is related to SIDS).

It’s a disorder that causes a jerk or spasm, in an essentially exaggerated response to external stimuli. It is a neurological disorder. A startle, or jerk, occurs and the flight response mechanism is activated. I think the underlying cause is a neurotransmission problem probably based around the 5-HT1a and/or GABA-A receptors. This jerk is then re-inforced and amplified by the psychological component. I do not pretend to understand the science but this perfectly describes what I’ve been going through.

As stated above, my first-line defense against this was Clonazepam, which worked really, really well to supress that response. And Clonazepam is indicated as first-line treatment for Myoclonus and Hyperekplexia. Since Clonazepam is not an option for me, I have found Levetiracetam (Keppra), which is also an effective treatment option. It is an epilepsy drug used to treat seizures.

If anyone has found a better or more apt descriptor for their condition, I am all ears (eyes). Thanks