Having ANTS about having ANTS!


Hi I’m having ants thinking about having ants. How do I get over this?


Yes, the ANTS “central” is very cunning about giving you negative thoughts, at least mine is. So why not give you a negative thought about having negative thoughts :slight_smile: . I’m not sure what your thoughts say, but the general idea about handling ANTS is to realize they always lies and just ignore them. If you don’t believe them they can’t do you any harm.


Hello Jesse246,

Other than what uabclst mentioned in their post, you can also go over the ANTs handout, as it reinforces that we are experiencing negative thinking, and that our ANTs can be “tricky” sometimes. The ANTs handout is probably the most crucial handout in the therapy series, and is meant to actually be read every day (or at least a part of it since it is a long handout).

With time and practice of catching the ANTs and labeling them as liars, though, they should start to get weaker and won’t be able to affect you like they used to.