Having a bad day


Hi all,
So I’m on session 6. I’ve been reviewing past material daily. Today though, I have felt really anxious. I do feel a little overwhelmed with school and all the pressure of everything. But in certain classes I felt more anxious than others. I just felt very off today, not like myself. I had many ANTS, and I felt my face very tense. I know that there are good days and bad days but I hate feeling this way. More ANTS come into my mind as I fear feeling this way again tomorrow or the Next day. I am trying to stay rational and realize that setbacks do happen but it’s okay and everything will be fine I just need to keep loving forward. But today the ANTS were really strong and i just feel more self conscious, lower self esteem, and I feel like I’m putting too much pressure on myself and that I’m making things more of a big deal than they are. I just feel like crying to feel better. I was wondering if anyone else is feeling this way. It would be great if we can share our feelings!


Some days will feel better than others. Some days you will like every bad thing is being thrown at you. I sometimes still feel this way. But, one thing to remember is that if you keep being rational with yourself and not giving up, you will get better by reinforcing what is rational and the truth. Remember to try and stay positive. To always catch and label those ANTs that try to bring us down. Remember, the ANTs NEVER tell the truth. I hope this helped. And I hope you get better and I speak from experience that you will get better being more positive and continuing the therapy in a slow and gentle way. Have an awesome and happy day!! :slight_smile:


Hi Soccer2000, I’ve found that the pressures of life tend to bring on these feelings. When I feel pressure, anxiety is sure to follow. I find it difficult to focus on rational thinking and slow talk when this happens, but I know that this is the path forward and that’s comforting. Your realizing that pressures bring on these feelings is actually good. And you’re right, we will have setbacks. It feels bad. The ANTs want to make you feel like you’ll never get better. But we know that’s a lie. I think we just need to tell ourselves that this is a normal part of the process and not blow it out of proportion or beat ourselves up as Dr. Richards discusses. I have a feeling you’re going to have a much better day tomorrow :blush:!


Thank you! @Bonzi @Diego_Aguilar
I appreciate your responses! I’ve spent some time trying to think rationally about my day and it actually did help me to feel better. I put too much pressure on myself for no reason and i made mountains out of molehills! Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I will keep on with the therapy. There are moments where I can see the light and the progress and then there are times when I feel really down. But I am trying to reinforce that saying “When you fall off the horse, just get right back on again.”