Has anybody attended the Phoenix International Group? Looking for reviews


I’m considering taking part in the 3-week intensive in Phoenix this summer. I’ve had a hard time finding reviews about the program so if you attended it I’d love to hear how your experience was and what impact it has had on your SA since. It’d be a huge financial commitment/investment for me so it’d be helpful to hear whether the program was worth the expense. From what I’ve read it looks promising and like it could be life-changing.


Hi Elizabeth,
I attended the international group in 2013. I would absolutely recommend it. Before, I had been working with the cognitive therapy series for about a year and had already made great improvements. The group setting adds some aspects to the therapy that can’t really be replicated by only doing the program at home. These are for example the ability to discuss concepts with Dr. Richards in person, meeting other people who suffer from the same condition and asking them how they tackle specific anxiety symptoms or being able to do behavioral exercises in a safe environment.

Everything surrounding the program is very well organised. All participants live in the same hotel, organize fun acitivities together and support each other. The weeks before the program we received email with instructions how to prepare. I understand that it is a big financial investment, but in my opinion there is no better way to spend your money than on Dr. Richard’s therapy if you suffer from social anxiety.

I would still say that working on the series by yourself is still the most important part of therapy, but - as I said - the group adds some important components that might put the last nails in the SA-coffin :smiley:



Thanks so much for your review Stefan! It sounds like you had a really positive experience with the international group. How is your anxiety now 4-years post? I have recently started Dr. Richard’s series and immediately notice subtle changes in my symptoms, which has given me a lot of hope for a SA free future.


That is a question Elizabeth. And a great review Stefan. I too am interested in the International Group and have enrolled in the group program for this summer. I would also love to hear some other people’s experience with the program and some reviews on how it helped them and how they are doing today with your anxiety after going through the program. I believe that the benefits would far out way the costs. I would love to hear how others experienced the program and the international experience. :slight_smile:


Yes, Phoenix was a really positive experience for me. I can’t really emphasize enough how important finding Dr. Richard’s website was for me. Before that I had been trying all kinds of other self-help programs, been to different psychotherapists… none of it was really working. If it wasn’t for him, I might have given up. So I just wanted to say, you have come to the right place and to realize that is hugely important.

Four years later I would say that I don’t experience more social anxiety than the average person. I barely think about social anxiety and related symptoms in situations anymore. I also don’t experience the symptoms. There are still some specific situations where anxiety might pop back up and that I want to work on, but I guess that’s how it for everybody… not just for people with social anxiety.

As Mat from the SA institute told me: What you put into the therapy, you get out. I think that is very true. If you put in the work, the sky is the limit :wink: and now you already know that you are doing the right therapy. That was always the most motivating part for me.


Right now, I can’t imagine a day going by that I don’t think about SA, so this is hugely inspiring for me. I’ve decided to enrol in the summer program. Hopefully I will get out of it as much as you have. Again, thanks for sharing your experience!


That’s great Elizabeth :slight_smile: I am absolutely sure you will get alot out of it :))


Hi, can you share with us how it worked out this summer?