Graffiti on a wall


Few years ago, I saw the following phrase written on a wall:

“Don’t believe everything you think”

I found it funny back then, but now I think I understand better what was meant.


Hah! That is pretty funny indeed!

It’s interesting when things like that which we see in the past, coincidentally become an omen of sorts for ourselves.

Thanks for sharing Stefanos!


Hello Ryan,

what you write is quite true.
It also seems to demonstrate the difficulty in dealing with SA: Despite knowing what we have to do (ex. stop being negative, stop irrational thoughts and beliefs) this knowledge is not sufficient. I have been struggling with SA too long, and years before discovering this website, I was looking for a solution in practical philosophy. Though I could cite many philosophers and more or less understood what they were saying, it didn’t help in decreasing my anxiety. And I believe it is for the same reason, that telling to a depressed person to “stop being depressed” or “try to be happy” will have no effect at all. I am glad to have found practical methods here, which not only point to the right direction, but try to break the “bad habits” in every day practice.

I wish you, Ryan, and everyone on this forum to stay as consistent as possible, don’t give up no matter what.


Dude exactly! I know a lot of positive minded people who do say that you have to cut out words like “can’t” and such, and how you need to change the wording in what you say, but simply knowing this stuff on an intellectual level isn’t enough.

Thank you for the well wishes! I want to read your success stories on this forum! :slight_smile: