Giving up caffeine


I have had a few set backs recently and had to delay my therapy for a couple of months (work got too busy).

However, I’ve recently decided to stop drinking coffee, coming from 8-10 cups a day, and just now I’m very much restricting myself to a single cup in the morning. I have noticed that I am much more aware of how anxious I am at any given time. I don’t think the anxiety levels have changed, just how much I knew I was anxious.

I know that there are strong links between anxiety and caffeine intake. Has anybody else given up caffeine, and if so, what effects did you notice?


I’m very cautious of how much caffeine I take during the day. I’ve noticed that when I take too much I get much more anxious in social situations and can have a panic attack ! Pretty crazy. Also, when i dont have much caffeine(one cup of black tea in the AM) i’m much calmer and don’t speed up as much.


I gave up caffeine about 6 months ago. I was drinking one cup in the morning and one in the afternoon (I have difficulty staying awake after dark and have problems with early morning waking). I had previously not had caffeine for about a 5 year stretch. I have a cup of decaf now (so that I had something to replace it) and subjectively I would have to say that my overall level of anxiety has dropped and my energy levels are much more consistent. I was having difficulty with getting shaky, having a racing heart, etc. I feel much better and don’t anticipate returning to drinking it. I still eat chocolate but that’s it. :wink:


I don’t usually drink coffee, but once in awhile i’ll have a cup; it seems to give me more anxiety than usual.


Caffeine in coffee gets me relieved from stress. To overcome my stress I just take coffee after my work.


So much coffee may result in a high blood pressure. !


Wow, you drink really too much coffee a day… you need to reduce the number of times when you drink coffee. I think that even sometimes you can not notice when you drink another cup of coffee. Not a long ago I found out that coffee with milk can leads to the cancer of the stomach. Somebody know that? Because when I heard about that I stop drinking coffee at all… So the best advice is to try to notice when you drink a coffee and why. Maybe because of stress at work? Because I have such stress when I do college assignment help I was so much nervous…


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