"Frozen" face symptom


When I get anxious the muscle of my face tend to “freeze up”. My jaw and mouth get very thigh and it makes me look angry. I get lots of comment from people that I look mad and upset. Which make me feel even more tense and upset! I want to cry. Just writing this post makes me feel upset…

Anyone experience this symptoms? and ways to reduce it?



That’s exactly what happened to me, and it happens to perhaps 50% of people with social anxiety disorder. Learning how to overcome social anxiety is the only way you can get a solution to this. Using cognitive, rational therapy to learn how to deal with anxiety, and get better, is the only way of reducing, and eliminating, it. My best wishes :smiley:


Thanks Dr.Richard. I really appreciate your answer to my post.

It is getting better…as i’m being more aware of my face getting tense. I’m noticing more and more I much tension is in my body. It’s a lot!


I get it too. Not just frozen, but frozen and twitching or quivering when talking with authority figures. Hard to compose myself when they are looking right at me.


I’m like that too. My face, lips and vocal cords freeze up and can’t control the shakey voice that comes out when attempting to talk. That’s when I feel like running or hiding under a table.


I wasn’t called 'angry 'by others, but due to my quietness and non-participation in group settings, I was called a ‘snob’. >_<


do you know what is happening? and why it is happening?

Do you have any specific advice for dealing with this in real life situations, when it happens doing a conversation?


When your face “freezes” this means the muscles are tight and not willing to move much. Extreme self-consciousness is usually the cause. I used to worry about not being able to smile and the worrying added pressure to the situation and made everything worse. The solution to facial freezing is included in the cognitive therapy in the series. It takes time to implement it successfully, but overcoming social anxiety is well worth it!


I think this is related to depression also. The more down you are, the more likely you’ll find it harder to smile naturally.

I can’t see the solution in the series though??


Yes the series does help a lot! by decreasing my anxiety, it makes me more relax and my facial muscle do relax. I’m also more aware of when my face tense up and I’m now able to just breath and relax


I have this problem what is cbt and where I get this


CBT stands for cognitive behavioral therapy. For the purposes of discussing social anxiety, CBT is treatment for overcoming this disorder.

You might find other therapies or therapists using CBT to treat social anxiety. This discussion community is intended as a place for people to find support and answers for questions on social anxiety, and it is a place for the users of the CBT audio therapy series “Overcoming Social Anxiety: Step by Step” to interact. This audio therapy series is a structured CBT program specifically designed for overcoming social anxiety.


whenever i am there in a face to face conversation i faund my face very anxious and my lips got freez and my whole focus goes on my lips n face and i went blank what to say next…it is very humiliating and embarrassing for day to day life…all the twitched and anxiety comes on my lips and face …plz help