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Sorry it took me awhile to respond- I’m stil gettin the hang of this forum


I suppose we could meet somewhere in the middle :grinning:, literally. Weekend would be best. Delray is a long way, Skype might also be an option as we seem to be scattered about the region.


I’d love to join! I live in Boynton and work in Boca.


Hi, sorry Ive been in Asia for the past two months. Im back and would be glad to meetup and help support
forming a group. Im downtown FtL, and retired now making me very flexible on time. Lets meet for coffee and get aquatinted.


You guys up for meeting soon? I’ve been out of the loop as well- but would love to get back on track in addressing SA:)


Nothing has been planned yet.


Hi for some reason I’m not getting my email notifications if some one responds to this thread- so I’ll just keep checking in more frequently. Anyone interested in meeting up?


Hi guys maybe we can shoot for a Saturday halfway to Lauderdale from Delray/Boca? Let me know. I’ve been totally slack on the therapy but think it’d be great to meet up and just keep working on overcoming SA:)


Hi everyone! I currently live in Lake Worth, and after having little success finding any group programs locally, just started the online SAI program.

It would be great to meet other South-Floridians who are working to overcome SA. I’d love to join, and don’t mind traveling down to Ft. Laud or meeting up somewhere in the middle.


Sounds great I’m on board - what’s good for you? I’m having difficulty getting any email notifications when someone responds to this thread…


Are you still looking to meet up?


HI, Im just back from a workshop out in California, Id be glad to meetup if its still on the table. Im downtown Ft Lauderdale and would be willing to travel up to a 40 min radius. Sunday afternoons are best for me. There is a coffee house here “Warsaw Coffee” that has a free meeting room as well as a lounge area that is very condusive to conversation. Other then that even just to sit on the beach and talk might be nice.


Hi, is this group still open? I live in Fort Lauderdale and would be interested in joining.


Never got off the ground


Is this Rich from the Towson, MD group? I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well in Florida. I miss that group we had years ago at the church. I haven’t been able to find another group in Maryland since then. Please let me know if you have information about any other groups in Maryland.



Starting up a group in October, register on, search overcoming social anxiety fort lauderdale


HI, Im starting up a group in October in Fort Lauderdale, register on, search overcoming social anxiety fort lauderdale


Hi Jay, Im starting up a group in October in Fort Lauderdale if your interested


Sure ! What did you have in mind ?


you can register at, search overcoming social anxiety fort lauderdale, if it looks like a fit sign up