Facebook Group for Mini Exposure Activities


Hi all,

I wanted an avenue for daily/frequent mini exposure activities that was safe, voluntary and not too time consuming. So, I thought of creating a Facebook group and use the live video feature for exposure activities.

Here is the group

The good thing about a FB group is that anyone who is a member can do a live video (I think FB automatically builds an audience consisting of group members who might be on FB at the time). Even if no one ends up watching the video - it’s more of an exposure than say reading/talking in the privacy of your home.

A BIG plus is that you don’t have to be on camera (unless you want to), you can just share your screen and speak for as long/little as you want to - even if it’s a few words/lines.

We can use this feature for :

(1) Reading handouts from Dr. Richard’s book
(2) Singing one of the songs from the course or any song really
(3) Read a poem, article or express your opinions etc. - suggestions welcome!

There is a weekly Skype group run by member(s) along the same lines and it’s super helpful! And I thought maybe add a FB group as well for mini daily exposure activities.

Of course, you can use the FB group - written posts or the live video feature as frequently as you wish to or just be an observer and participate in any capacity when you feel ready.

Again, here is the group

Let me know if your thoughts/suggestions.



Hello tea,

Great idea. I hope people are encouraged to join. Many features within a Fbook group that can be leveraged for a supportive, interactive group.

We’ve been working on updating the therapy program again as we prepare to move it over to a different hosting platform. Part of that update will involve creating a therapy program users only forum. Similar to this one here, but only for series users, as was originally intended for this forum. We would like to continue to encourage more interaction, more ways we can support individuals following through on behavioral activities on their own, but with the support of a community like this one.


Hi Mateo - look forward to the updates & thank you!


Hi all,

There’s a handful of us in the group now. Do join in if you feel called :smiley:

Also, would like to hear any other exposure ideas for practicing with a group (that is not to time consuming!)?