Eye Twitching ? - Constant fear in social settings


Hi all,

This is my first post so thanks in advance for all your help.

Since I was roughly 12yrs. I have always had a problem with eye twitching and obsessing over it. Throughout my teen years and college, I would always fear everyone in the room was looking at me and staring at my eye twitch like some kind of freak. Has anyone ever dealt with this thinking?

Whenever I am in a social setting (business meeting, restaurant, gym , etc) all i think about is “Do they think my eyes twitch?”. I am constantly thinking about eyes blinking and staring at peoples eyes. I always notice when other peoples eyes start twitching as well. Just now I went to pick up dinner and the waitress started twitching as I ordered food. I instantly had a panic attack thinking that my eyes twitched, she noticed and hers unconsciously did it as well.

Its scary but the only time im not focusing on blinking is when i have a few drinks and my anxiety goes away. There is now alot of pain behind my eyes, and I recently scheduled a doctors visit. My eyes are frequently red and glossy , maybe due to my constant anxiety putting pressure on eyes.

The good thing is that it doesnt stop me from being social - i have had plenty of girlfriends and often considered the life of the party, but deep down im usually extremely depressed and have panic attacks. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Experiencing the same problem. Have you got any help ?


Had this issue too but I forgot about it when I started focusing more on work


I have a similar issue but mine is my eyebrow and eye just varies. I don’t know if it is related to my social anxiety.