Does anyone want to become pen pals on here?



I dont know about you but persistence and repetition is something i struggle with alongside social anxiety !

I think it would be beneficial to work in maybe pairs or more and help each other as we go through this therapy together, that way we can drill in the teachings of this therapy in each others minds. You can rely on me to give you advice on something that has been going on in your life and you in turn can maybe provide me with that help!

Just a thought, let me know and we can exchange emails.

Thanks and good luck


I’d be interested, yes



I’d be interested. I don’t have many friends (none where I live), and would love to have someone to talk to


i would like talk to you


I am late I think, but I would like to become pen pals and help each other with the therapy or anything else or simply just to chat :slight_smile:
If also anyone else is willing to become pen pals feel free to contact me :slight_smile:



I’d be interested!


Hello guys, I’m very sorry i Haven’t been able to respond to anyone due to work commitments, what i suggest is that everyone exchange emails with everyone else on this thread because I’m not able to pen pal with everyone :slight_smile:

Sorry! but good luck


Hi there, I’m 18, I’ve struggled with social anxiety since I was 11 - although I didn’t realise it until the past year or so, when it became crippling because it was left totally untreated.

Would love to become pen pals with anyone on here, for some extra support and swapping of different strategies and things :slight_smile:


Am really interested in getting a pal who understand this situation of SAD am in.


Me please. I could really use a friend.pls contact me


have you found a pen pal yet? I am interested in finding one. If you are still looking, let me know.



are you still looking for a pen pal? I am just starting the program and would like to have someone to chat with about it.


Hello, Natalie. I am interested in a pen pal. The same like you I have started this course recently so we have at least one common topic already:) my email is, write me if you want)


Hi! My email is i have already sent you a msg so pls check spam if you didnt receive.

Talk soon!