Does anyone still read the full ANTS handout?


I’m curious . I was up to this point but now I realised maybe I shouldn’t be reading it anymore?


Honestly, i don’t. I take my time with therapy and one week’s worth of work might take me from one week to two weeks.


I still read the ANTs handout when doing my daily therapy.

Sometimes I determine that I need to read the whole handout, but usually I’ll just read part of it and not all of it so I can accommodate the other handouts as well within my 30 min of therapy time.

The ANTs handout is mentioned by Dr. Richards to be one of the most important handouts to read on a daily basis. I cannot even come close to expressing how true that is…I’ve recently discovered some ANTs of mine that I was not able to clearly see before if I hadn’t kept on going over the ANTs handout everyday.

I recommend reading at least part of it everyday if you can :).


Yeah I started to notice after a while that my irrational thinking would start to break up and once I saw that it was irrational, it would be released, much the same way as it feels when you get over blaming someone for something or whatever. Layer by layer it has come down, so that I am able to see things more rationally, and over time have built the confidence to act against it.


The ANTs handout is basically repetition of the same message, just stated in different ways. If you read it over outside of your study time, you’ll see this. Highlight the parts that constitute the main message behind the ANTs handout, or you could even write your own condensed version and keep it in the book. Reading the whole handout takes up a lot of study time, but shoot that might even be better than not reading it at all. For me, condensing the material is the way to go :slight_smile:


I don’t read it anymore. I think its overrated