Does anyone else have no thoughts at all sometimes


lately when i get anxiety i will just freeze up with no thoughts whatsoever… does anyone else have this issue


Hi Hai. Yup sounds pretty normal to me. I went to a toastmasters meeting the other day and I was just sitting in. But then they starting going around the room and you had to add on to a story, I just completely froze and my mind went blank. It didn’t help that the girl next to me said something that completely didn’t make sense. You kinda feel trapped in a body that you have no control over.

Everyone there said it’s normal to be nervous about speaking in front of a group but I don’t think any of them have actually suffered from severe to moderate social anxiety.


What i try to do is think of the other people as weird and not myself… lol seems kinda rude but whatever i mean if you couldn’t think of a story then you can’t think of one??? like sorry who cares that’s not ur fault?? i would just be like yeah i can’t think of any stories guys sorry next!!! and then the spot light is off you and everyone can move on. if they think ur weird then who cares??? they can’t force you to tell a story lol will you be fired if you don’t. sorry i just got so passionate about this cause like i understand you couldn’t think of anything to say. sometimes i just wanna tell people i have social anxiety but whenver i do, they never understand they just think its “crazy”


Haha I kind of think everyone has a weird side to them anyway so I don’t know if that would work. I think it’s more a stage fright thing… I can speak in front of people if I’ve rehearsed and memorised what I’m supposed to say but it normally comes out a bit robotic. I think it just takes practice I guess. Because it’s something I never do… and the annoying thing is I can think of things to say it’s just hard to get it out :roll_eyes:

Haha yeah I’ve started telling people I have social anxiety but it’s not as severe as it used to be so sometimes it’s like they don’t believe me or they ask if it runs in my family… which it doesn’t at all!!