Do i pick 3 rational coping statements from all 3 categories or 3 from each category? under rational coping statements


For the rational coping statements handout, do I choose 3 statements from all three categories, .i.e. anxiety is near, preparing for a stressful situation, i feel overwhelmed or 3 from each, meaning 9 in total?

please answer my question, guys
thanks :slight_smile:


I believe it’s just 3 total statements from the whole sheet that you think you can relate to the most. If you can find one from each category that apply to your situation, then that should be enough :slight_smile:


hey @El_Jefe, thanks for replying :slight_smile:


Here’s a good question to remind us all, and it’s a fair question. “The therapy says XYZ, and so what should I do? Can I do this, must I stick exactly with that? What if I want…”

I remember doing the therapy the firs time through and wanting to do it “right”. I followed the instructions. I picked 3. Is that a magic number? NO. It’s a suggestion. Pick 4 if you want, pick 5. But most of us don’t have all the time in the world to spend 24 hours on therapy. We do have 30 minutes, though. We should anyway, unless you don’t plan on putting in the effort to change your life.

Choose 3. If you find that you couldn’t relate to 3, choose 2. If you found that you wanted to make up one of your own, do that. The point is to get the idea, and we try to give you help and ideas to use. The point is not that if you do not do exactly as we suggest that you will mess up. As long as you’re sticking with the daily therapy habit and applying it to life, you’re doing the right thing.

I intend this message to be for anyone who is asking the question, “Am I doing this session perfectly?” Get rid of that word perfectly. Yes, the first time you go through the therapy, I do highly recommend you take the time and the advice and follow generally what Dr. Richards suggests you to do. But that never means worrying about perfection. When you repeat the series, you may still do it exactly as you first did, or you may start to choose to focus on what means more to you, to condense, to customize. That can come later. But even then, the point is that you are sticking with a daily habit of active therapy.

Good job!