Diary of Daulet Aitmaganbet


I decided to open a diary, about how my day goes by. I do not know English well, so I’ll write a translator through Google. Do not pay attention to grammatical errors. Perhaps I will abandon this venture, most likely it will be so. But I postorayus every day to fill this diary. Below, I will provide information about myself.


I am 16 years old. Guy. I’m glad that I noticed my problems at a young age. I’m taking a course of therapy, and now I’m in 14th session. I’ve been taking therapy for more than a year now. I live in Kazakhstan in the city of Aktobe. The family has a mother and sister. But my father’s absence did not affect my social phobia. I made significant progress with this course. But the anxiety in my life is still present. I think I overcame social phobia by 50%. Now I have to engage in behavioral therapy, so I’ll write a report on each day.


Hi Dault - hope you’re good. I’m curious to know - how’s the behavioural therapy coming along and what has it consisted of? I ask in part because I see this stuff as having two parts…

  1. Cognitive - where you accept certain mental distortions and create better alternatives
  2. Behavioural - where you gain experience and social competence by putting into action what you’ve learned

So I wonder how psychology is able to offer behavioural therapy in the sense that it’s outside the scope of our normal lives.



I think that first you need to study the cognitive part of the therapies, then gradually introduce into your life behavioral therapy. It is very important to do this gradually, slowly. We need to start with a small step. For example, I started by just stepping into the entrance, and sat there for five minutes. At the same time, one should think rationally, think about the fact that no one will think badly when he hears the sound of opening my door, because neighbors constantly come in and out of their houses, and no one pays attention to this, because it’s normal. And if someone sees that I’m standing in the entrance nobody will think bad about us. We can stand for different reasons, wait for someone, or maybe you forgot the keys of the house and wait for someone from relatives. There can be many reasons and no one thinks about the bad. Then when this situation becomes a little easier for you, you can go to the next step, for example go to the store, just think about rational things.


But it is necessary, all the same, to start behavioral therapy. To study the cognitive part is very important, but you do not have to wait until you are absolutely calm, you need to start acting. After all, the feelings follow the action, that is, you will feel relaxed after taking action. The main thing is that you do not feel strong anxiety before the event. It is necessary to begin with those situations that cause a little nervousness