Crappy feeling comes and goes as it pleases - I don't know why it happens and I don't know what causes it to go away

  • “Don’t give ANTs your attention!”

  • “The less you pay attention to ANTs, the less power they’ll have!”

  • “If you don’t pay attention to ANTs, then they’ll shrivel up and go away!”

  • “Use a powerful stopping statement & distraction to not pay attention to the ANTs!”

Okay well what happens when I can’t even catch the ANTs? They’re so subconscious that like a light switch I go from feeling great to feeling so debilitated I don’t have the brain power to count to ten? And it’s a just a “general feeling” nothing in particular that caused it. Oh and it suddenly goes away out of nowhere. Oh and the distractions and techniques don’t do anything, the crappy feeling just comes and goes as it pleases without any correlation as to what caused it.

I had to quit my job because of this…it feels completely out of my control, I am at the mercy of this “come & go” misery!

And sometimes I feel utterly fantastic, like I can conquer the world…If only I knew what caused this then I’d design my life to keep this feeling forever.

This is perhaps one of the worst aspects of social anxiety…it feels out of my control and that it operates randomly and as it pleases.

Please help.


seems to be normal, at least this is similar to how it works for me. the difference between a bad time and a good time is huge. at the present time, most days i wake up in ants mode, sometimes i get out of it, sometimes not.

you probably are going to uncover these subconscious ants as you progress. best thing that you can do at the time seems to be to just accept the crappy feelings and do things regarless.


Well I agree that we will uncover these subconscious ANTs as we progress. But I disagree with just “accepting” these crappy feelings and doing things regardless.

I looked through my dictation notes that I type while listening to the audio portion of each session. Here’s what I found:

  • “Automatic negative thinking occurs all the time. They appear out of nowhere and we are already in the cycle of negative thinking before we’re aware of it”.

  • "We call this irrational thinking automatic because it just happens. Our way of thinking has been there most of our lives and our thoughts just occur as we go through our daily life. Irrational thinking is a habit the brain developed over time. Right now these thoughts come to the surface automatically - and we don’t understand yet that this negative thinking can be changed.

So, to counter this seemingly out-of-control crappy feeling caused by subconscious ANTs:

  • “The hardest part about ANTs is to notice when you’re having them in the first place. In the past, we have been unaware of their constant presence. But hearing someone (you, outloud in ‘slow talk’) talk about them helps you identify the negative thinking habits you currently have”.

  • “Making a ‘stopping statement’ notifies your brain that you do not like these ANTs and that you do not intend to keep thinking this way for the rest of your life. Unless you notify, or tell your brain that you don’t like these negative thoughts, your brain will continue to automatically go along in the way that it is familiar with and continue to use irrational negative thinking”.

My thought is that even when you’re in a ‘crappy’ mood or the unconscious snowball effect of ANTs has already sent you cascading downhill…it’s still important to tell your neutral brain the rational truth. Eventually your brain will utilize these rational truths more and more and you’ll stop the crappy feeling and ANTs more often. The more you tell your brain how you want it to think, the more often it’s going to ‘catch’ the incorrect thinking.

Don’t accept those crappy feelings! Use a distraction! Tell your brain the rational truth! Eventually it will use this new neural pathway exclusively!

Best of luck! Stay strong.