Cognitive technique not working


I’ve have used the so what who cares attitude for my worries about eye contact and once I did that it seem like anxiety grip on me shrieked tremendously. But now when I try to use this attitude I feel this pressure in my head it still works to a certain degree but not like it use to any advice please


It takes a while for the cognitive strategies to take effect, at least it did for me. Some work better than others for me. I feel the strategies are easier to use now than when I first started. Practicing daily and patience is important. Your mind needs daily reinforcing and time to absorb and use the methods that make the most sense to it in each situation. Pressuring yourself with the methods will not work that well, at least it didn’t for me. I think it’s natural though to pressure yourself with the strategies when you’re first starting out. I did and still do but now I also see that they are starting to work a bit more automatically or with less effort. That’s an important part of the strategies, not pressuring or forcing yourself to feel different when you’re anxious. That’s part of the fighting paradox handout. It needs to be reinforced daily along with the ants handout. I’m no expert but just thought I’d share my experience because I pressured myself and struggled with the methods a lot in the first bunch of months. Good luck.


Thank you soo much, I know I need to stop trying to change how I feel when I’m anxious. Now I’m starting to realize why I just had a setback recently. when I feel real anxious I would (and still kinda do) repeatedly say “so what, who cares” it worked like magic. But like you said I was pressuring myself to stop feeling so anxious and I put my self in a high anxiety situation (movies with some people who is like level 8 anxiety causing for me). So even right now when I use the technique it works to certain degree but it’s not like how it was when I first started the pressure is not there that much any more because I’m trying not to put so much attention on making the technique work. But I’m definitely going to stop trying to change how I feel when I’m anxious thanks a million.


Hi, i just saw your message. I don’t know how I missed it before. You’re very welcome. :blush: