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Why is this place such a ghost town? It’s upsetting that we pay for this service and are in need of serious help, but questions go unanswered all the time. I’ve seen very good questions from months ago that no one answers. Where is everyone? Where are the people that work at the institute? Where is the Dr.? At the beginning of the course there was more activity but about half way through, it drops silent.


Hello Jaysun,
You are correct to bring this up. We intend this forum to be active, a place where series users can discuss adn help each other, support each other. A place where the office here can also respond appropriately. I have recently started working here at the clinic, and my responsibilities include checking the forum daily. So recent silence on our side is certainly my fault for getting up to speed with office duties here. I started last week. However, I see much more “silent time” than just two weeks and for that I apologize. I hope to do a better job. I would encourage all of us to do a better job on questions we see posted by all members. If you are doing the series, that means you are understanding the cognitive. That is valuable to yourself and to others here. Often our perspective can be so much more easily rational for others, more than we allow for ourselves when we suffer from social anxiety. We all can relate to each other here. We all have our setbacks and can use that word of support from anyone here, to reinforce the therapy, the rational, the way we are choosing to go now. Let’s all try to make this a more active conversation for each other. And consider that posting here is also proactive. Often we are hesitant to take part in social events or we have been like this - and this, of course, can keep us back from being involved in other conversations, in the “real world” and online, right here. Your words can help someone - they help me. I enjoy seeing positive responses our members give. Perhaps a longer than needed comment here, Jaysun, but to sum up - I am working to do a better job.


I think it would be cool if there were more posts and activity, not just from Social Anxiety Institute and Dr Richards but from all of us doing the therapy. It’s not all your responsibility Mateo, and you just started. I’ve read Dr Richards’ posts in the past where he’s said that Social Anxiety Institute is short on staff so I understand. Generally speaking though, the more posts, the better.


Hello cyan,

I agree. I would like to see more posts and more activity. And if there were more activity, realistically I couldn’t cover responding to all posts. Nor should I. That’s not the point really - me jumping in, to give my advice each time. You don’t need my perspective every time. I try to get the ball rolling and I do enjoy reading posts that encourage me to respond sincerely. But, as a community, we’re stronger if we hear more of us, and we get someone else’s opinion. A huge benefit for me coming to the groups here was listening to my other group members. Hearing them say the things I thought and felt too, but in hearing them say it, it helped me to also see how irrational and bad we were being to ourselves. I learned to treat myself a little better by realizing that these were good people who also deserved to treat themselves better. I hope these discussions can help some people in that way.


Is there a way I can contact Dr. Richards?


Hello Joseph,

Dr. Richards conducts group therapy in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. There are two groups - a Local Group for those living in the Phoenix area for longer periods of time. That group meets once a week, typically for a program that lasts 10 to 12 weeks. The other group is a 3-week intensive group that we call the International Group. This is simply a group, intensive in nature, for anyone not in the Phoenix area who can come in for such a time period. Applicants for the International Group must have completed the audio therapy series. Applicants for the local group are often going through the therapy together as it’s covered week by week. This information is all found on our website: