Cant stop thinking negatively


Whenever im reading the handouts my brain is constantly saying that i will never get over SA im on session 7 should i still be having these thoughts and its hard for me to concentrate and remember what i read i do have some small victories but i still doubt the fact that i will never overcome this has this happened to anyone else


There is a social anxiety podcast with an episode that addresses your issue.

I hope this helps.



I also had similar thoughts but it’s going better. As it was covered in one of the handout, you can do some things before, like exercising for 20 minutes, dancing, singing, yoga, meditation etc. Anything that will work for you.


the video below is an interesting take on negative thoughts by headspace. i use headspace to meditate. i and i’m guessing everyone else in the world deals with the same issue, sometimes it’s difficult to stop thinking negatively. the main thing is you don’t let it stop you and figure out a way to keep moving forward. activity and exercise can help. i try to remind myself to be active when i feel the least like moving and the most overwhelmed. it gets me going either way and i figure out a way to deal or just keep doing the stuff i need to while trying to pace myself or stay some version of calm. i’m on my second time through the series and i still with this. that doesn’t mean i don’t have good days or i’m always overwhelmed by my negative thoughts.

the only thing i’d say is that the video says something like watch your thoughts pass. i think the therapy’s advice to calmly ignore your thoughts as best you can, no need to be perfect and completely ignore them because that’s difficult, makes more sense when you’re trying to live your life.

if you don’t let anything stop you, and you continue to imperfectly move forward toward your goals in small steps, i’m guessing you’ll get to some level of good stuff

that’s what i think anyways. good luck.


sometimes i say to myself when it’s just too much, whether in public or private,

“i don’t like these lying bullying ANTs. They aren’t healthy or helpful to me. They aren’t true. I want to think rationally and be mentally healthy”

it’s from the therapy. sometimes i just say the first and last sentence. it’s not easy. but if i can get myself to say that in a somewhat calm manner, it helps to remind me of my goals and who i am despite what my negative thoughts are saying.


do a vipasanna course and look at till h gros course for social anxiety called (social confidence)