Can't Stop Racing Thoughts


Hi everyone,
I’ve been practicing reading the handouts in slow talk, and have even used it several times during stressful situations. However, I find that after stressful situations are over, my mind is racing and my thoughts are out of control. I find it very difficult at those times to calm myself down. Any suggestions?


Hi Jack I myself have the same problem mind wondering anytime I’s quiet this is happening I’ve only been doing the program for three days I’m hoping that as I get more into it there will be some release


The key strategy to use here is a distraction, whether it’s singing along to music, exercise, or talking to a positive friend…basically anything that will work to take your mind off of the racing thoughts. Pick a few that work for you, and keep using them whenever possible. It takes time and practice, but eventually it becomes easier the more you do these distractions to stop thinking the racing thoughts. If can’t use them at the moment (like when you’re at work or at school), then try using a distraction that is more subtle and can’t be noticed by anyone else…for example, try humming to yourself instead of singing.
If you keep doing the distractions, eventually it’ll become quicker and easier to get your mind off racing thoughts and be able to concentrate.



I am just on session 4 but I often find that using deep breathing and/or mindfulness exercises (if I am alone as I just use an app for this right now) help me during times when my thoughts are racing. There seems to be something incompatible about focusing on relaxing the body and racing thoughts.


Indigo, do you mind sharing the name of the app with us?