Can I recover with the audio series without attending a therapy group?


Hi. There are no groups where I live (UK) but I do my 30min study time every day. I’ve gone through the series once and I’m now doing them again. I feel a bit better but I still haven’t recovered and anxiety keeps showing up. Dr Richard’s says that people go through the series 2,3,4,5 and even 6 times until they recover. But the question is if I can recover without attending a therapy group if I keep up my 30 minutes study time and I go through the series over and over again? Or is attending the group essential to completely leave anxiety behind? I would like to attend because I think they must really help in this journey but can’t find any in my area. If anyone would like to have a study partner and go through this together let me know by the way :slight_smile:


Hi. I am in UK too, in Bristol. Where about are you? I have gone through the therapy 3 times and have given up pretty much. It would be really useful to have others nearby that were willing to do the therapy as a group.


Hi Nickygstar. I live in Bristol too!! I’m happy to work together on the therapy. Let me know!


Excellent. We could arrange to meet up sometime next week. Are you on Facebook or WhatsApp? I my know some other people interested in joining the group as well.


That would be great! Do you have an email address to share our details through there? xx