Bored with ANTs handout


This is my 3rd time at a not so determined attempt at this therapy series, but this time I am going to try to be very persistent. I have been reading the ANTs handout for the week and I’m so bored with it that I can’t stay focused on it while I read it. I basically know it by heart from reading it so many times. Does this mean I am done with it or should I keep reading dispite my lack of focus?


Have you finished the audio therapy two times?


Yes I finished the series twice but never really persistently put the techniques into practice. I would always have a hard time doing the behavioral part so I never really got good results.


Im in the same boat and do know it by heart. I still read it occasionally but did read and listen frequently on the third go around. Id say keep at it and try a more determined attempt this time around. The first few sessions will be hard to stay motivated on as there is so few handouts. But try to take full advantage of this to get the handouts deep down as you know it will get crowded as you move along. Use the opportunity to try and improve focus and improve determination. Good luck


You’re right. I need to be a lot more determined and actually use it in real life for it to work. That’s my biggest problem. I actually just listened to the audio again and Dr. Richard’s says to read the ANTs handout everyday until you completely overcome social anxiety


I am wondering how you are doing with your ANTs? Are you feeling like you’ve got them pretty well under control- is that why it’s boring? The way I’ve handled the large number of handouts to review in a short amount of time is to focus on the ones that I feel I need most that day and the ones I’m just learning. When I’m having a setback, I’m sure to cover the setback handouts, when I feel like I am not getting out and doing enough behavioral work, I’ll do some of those handouts. I find that if I don’t just read the same underlined part of a handout, a different part will stand out to me as particularly relevant or new. I did the ANTs for a long time, but then felt like I was doing really well with them so I’ve only been doing that handout when I have a setback and am finding myself beating myself up or comparing myself to others.

Maybe you could review the ANT handout material in another way- like the songs or the motivational quotes? I have the motivational quotes as screensavers and review them when I turn my computer on every day- even that much review is helpful and sticks the material in my mind.


I feel like I am really good at catching them and stopping them, but I think my avoidance of situations keep reinforcing that these ANTs are true. I started many behavioral excitements this week, so we will see if that helps change my perspective on it. I will also try the motivational quotes as screen savers. Great idea!


It has been a while, and I just saw this post. So how are you doing with the ANTs and the behavioral part?


I got pretty bored with it too. One thing that is helping me right now is I record myself reading the ants hand out and the annual ants convention. I try to do it with as much expression as I can to make it more interesting


Maybe as you are reading through the handout, concentrate on a couple of your ANTS that you can see are lies and direct the passage towards these. This may give you a little more motivation because it will be more personal.

For example nobody is born inferior, but our thinking and life circumstances may have brought us to a point where we fear authority figures.
It doesn’t have to continue to be this way though, there are other possibilities to work towards, Reading over the ANTs handout will help you remind you of this. Which is motivating because we all want to be a little more confident.

Another example if you suffer from blushing (an ANTs thought) actually bring to mind a recent experience and then use the information in the passage to reinforce what you can do, for example, not arguing or fighting but ignoring and finding a distraction etc.
This won’t cure the blushing, but it is the first step to help reinforce the key concepts of what we should be doing with this negative thinking, and may remind us that if we continue to work in this direction and are persistent, then there is a good chance we will see progress.

So I think the ANTs handout is there to remind us what we need to do with our negative thinking but also as a motivational tool by reminding you that your perception of things and your self esteem etc can change over time if we are consistent enough with trying different things that may help us. But we need to remind ourselves constantly of this or we won’t be motivated to change and will probably go back to our old ways, hence the repetition of the handout.

However I do see what you are saying as it can become a little tedious if you are going through the motions.