Beginning Questions



Are we supposed to do a new session every day? And what should our 30 minutes consist of? Only exercises from that specific session?


Hi! You do a session per week, meaning you listen to each session’s audio file at the beginning of the week (you can of course listen to it more times if you like!) and then for the rest of the week you study the handouts for 30 minutes a day.


The idea is to listen to a session every week. More than once if you don’t understand or want to reinforce it.
Then read the handouts for 30 minutes.
As you progress, the handouts will increase.
You will then be told which ones you need to overlearn and which are more guidance.
Then you will be also given behavioural exercises to compliment the cognitive ones.
Stick with it, it may seem to be a struggle and take time at the beginning, but you will see results.
All the best,