Automatic Negative Pictures/Images (ANPs or ANIs)


hi there,

I’m really trying the therapy this time (on my second go but probably my first ‘real’ try) and one thing I’ve noticed is that when I have an anxiety inducing event coming up (public speaking event etc) I tend to run through images of the feared event (or pictures of the event) in my mind… it’s like I’m already there and I’m watching a video of it going badly etc.

My mind is trying to warn me about what might happen I think… but it’s not that helpful as it induces anxiety ++.

Does anyone else have more of a visual component to their automatic negative thinking (rather than just words or phrases you are telling yourself)?

I’d be interested to know if there are any ways in which these kinds of ‘rehearsal of the perceived negative event in advance’ can be addressed…

thanks everyone for listening and I hope you are all trying and doing the therapy every day!


Hi Matthew,

Its been while since you posted this, but I saw it now and wanted to see how the series is going for you now?

I was the same way, I bought the original series a long time ago, but never persistently completed it. The behavioral part is where I would slowly give up , or not continue…But I do have the new series and am trying to continue with it.

Yes, I also have the pictures and scenarios play in my head before an event or situation I have to go to. It’s like a movie starts to play in my head lol. I figured that this is another ANT, as there is no reason for us to be imagining what will happen, how we’ll behave, or what doom will come our way. So we have to treat it as an irrational thought and distract ourselves.

Hope you are working on your behavioral therapy.