Aunt has been having panic attacks


My aunt had called last week saying she’s been getting spells of insomnia for the last couple of days. She lives about 10 miles away so I decided to give her a visit.

She looked notably tired due to the sleeplessness but appeared to be anxious too.

When someone takes excessive deep breaths in a short interval, that signals a form of anxiety. I’ve never seen her like that before. She also recalled having nightmares about someone choking her to death with pillows or other objects, strangling with a rope etc…

I did some Googling and came to the conclusion that it could have been due to the fact that she isn’t getting any breath. Well, I once fell asleep with my back facing the ceiling and suffocated myself. The dreams were similar and made me wake up gasping for air.

This appears to be like sleep apnea and I’ve heard it’s ugly. Should I take her to a physician, get her to sleep in a lab and get some sleep apnea equipment?