Approval seeking and is it because of Social Anxiety?


Hey there guys. So I am confirming all the more that I seek approval too much. I am on session 5 now and in the Attitudes handout there are a couple statements concerning this.

I was wondering if any of you guys also suffer from approval seeking, and whether this is something that stems from social anxiety or something unrelated. Would also anyone know if there is a part of the online therapy that deals with this issue?


You are on the right track, savvas. The online therapy does indeed move toward approval seeking and why we do not need to do it anymore. It is broken down into parts, as usual, and covered completely. All of the issues like this that come up at this time will be covered – it’s just that this primary therapy must come first so the brain will be more open and malleable later on. This is a good point. :smiley:
– Dr. R


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me Dr. Richards! It is very relieving to know the therapy covers this aspect as well!


I totally understand. I find myself trying to hard to seek the approval of others as well. I always want everyone to think of me in a good way and I’ve realzied that I try to hard to accomplish this. This gives me much anxiety. I also thank you Dr. Richards for the information! I’m also glad to know that therapy covers this aspect!!