Anyone from algeria


noo you didnt ,i ususally stay up late


awesome! ok it’s 3pm have good night,


hey nayla ,you there ?


hi oh i guess you didnt know ,can you check your private messages please


hi i saw it, that guy mateo wants us to talk privatly


hello, are you there ?


if you’re there reply please


hello, i fellowed the conversation, how you guys are doing know!!


Good thanks man how long you’ve been here?


Hope you guys don’t mind a fellow anxious Algerian interrupting your convo I’m still trying to figure out how this site works. Feel free to contact me


Not at all, it’s good have you here man


I’ve always wondered how do Algerians cope with social anxiety ! How do you deal with it on a daily basis ?


If you there reply please !


This site sucks , I can’t get used to it


Hey man, what’s going on ?


You there???


Hey dude I’m here
How you doing ?


Good thanks man, why you don’t like this website ?


I guess I just haven’t gotten used to it yet , someone recommended it to me on reddit so I didn’t know it existed.


Anyway how does your social anxiety effect you ? Did you ever go to doctor ? If so what was your experience ? Do you take pills ? Where do you live ? What do you do for a living ? How old are you ? So many questions . It’s okay if you don’t want to answer !