Anyone from algeria


then i really hope with all my heart that you do one day ,as soon as possible ,im not bragging or anything but for real i went to england twice ,and let me tell you IT WAS THE BEST ,YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT no one cares no one looks at you even if you lay down in the middle of the street ,you go there its like a whole new world ,its the people here that are bad and make you feel like that ,its really the best…


good for you, actually i went on holidays but never outside the country ,but where usa ?


london but i believe that even in the usa its the same ,except france ,france is just algerians in a beautiful place


london, waw ! and you’re right france is almost out of the list the whole quantina is there but i goota say london ? waw


winter is the best time to visit there ,but the plane seriously im so scared of planes xDD


how was it was it shaking ?


the first time i went it almost fell because the guy was new ,and the second time the weather was horrible so yeah it was shaking horribly ,but i can go anywhere even if it means that im risking my life for two or more hours on the plane xDD




i hope youre sleeping


well i couldnt sleep


relatable ,i have to wake up everyday at 6am and i always sleep at 3 or 4,insomia is terrible


do you know that somtimes i don’t sleep at all ? really


because youre too anxious right


yeah i had that once when i went for my medical exam in the national service bureau but often i think that i don’t need to sleep so i’ll just keep up until the morning


thats actually really reaally bad for your health ,take care of yourself more please ,you are precious to yourself ,it happens for me too but i try to sleep at least 30min or i wouldnt focus on anything the next day…


thanks i really know how bad it is but somtime it’s was hard not to think about the next day


yup youre right ,how about you try going to sleep now ,shut down everything and dont think about tomorrow think about what you wanna do in the future or think about things that are not realistic


i guess we’ll chat tomorow ?


all right ,see you tomorrow then and good luck for, wait its 2 am good luck for today ,remember you can do it


Don’t worry i’m not that scared btw i hope i didn’t keep you while you’re tired