Anyone from algeria


Make yourself a priority ,try your best to not feel stressed ,and tell yourself you’re better than them because you.are.better.


i preciate that, you must’ve been pretty good in your studies in high school


well i must say yes ,but not that good i was just friends only with people that were serious about their studies and ones that shared the same goal that was to succeed ,make yourself surrounded by positive people because anxiety can make you one hell of a negative person to yourself ,most people with anxiety can actually do such a great job ,youd even surprise yourself sometimes ,you can do anything


i definitley understand, how much did get in simimsters of your 3rd year ?


hey are you there ??


like i told you i didnt go at all so it was going 9 8 7 for the last semester and i still passed my final exam ,because like i told you i only studied at home by myself


i used to have the same grades, tell me, have ever been shy to participate in classe ?


ive never participated in class and i still dont even if i know the answer almost all the time


so im i, even though you know that it’s important for your grades you just can’t because you’re scared thar your answer would be wrong and i kinda regret that ? ever felt like that befor ?


yes and im also scared of silence in class and everyone looking at you ,thats the most terrifying thing ever ,attention from others.


exactly, especially if your answer was out of the subject or funny and then they’ll start laughing at you and then you start blushing, god! i rather die


LMAOO ID RATHER DIE TOO , but i swear its so important in uni that i say them under my breath and the person next to me says it outloud ,its so upsetting i killed so many people in my head


you feel like your voice is so quiet or quivers when you talk that you have to scream


your voice is always quiet all the time ,does your back hurt because you try to hide yourself all the time ,being invisible ,i mean im so tall but i still feel intimidated by short people xDD


yup because when you’re tall they 'll notice that you’re anxious and not confident and they 'll want to step on you


not they want ,they just step on you because even if it hurts a bit you cant talk


whats this life we are living ,my mum actually wants me to see a psy because shes worried about what will happen to me later but i dont think someone can change me ,its like people made you feel this way but you have to recover alone…what a challenge


that what my parents worries about, what happens later is the problem and psychologist are gonna do a thing about it they’re not good engouh


have you ever went on holidays or anything in another country


ha ! not even in my dreams ,not at all