Anyone from algeria


Yup still here! Wanna change the platform or?


yeah of course ,where ?


Anywhere you want i don’t mind


honestly, i don’t know any other platfroms i don’t where else, you ?


Hmmm fb insta twt kakaotalk ? Anywhere really


i don’t what hell was that but you said your limited but still replying ?


sigh i replied 25 minutes later ,you know i don’t mind talking here too i just didn’t want to keep you waiting for an hour or so because the time is limited ,i wouldn’t lie about something like that you know ,what would i even lie about something like this , i wouldn’t gain anything from it…


I had to to creat a post and tag you and all ,i did it but since i couldnt reply i couldn’t tag you on the post ,i did all that to not leave you hanging i even tried to message you here but couldn’t ,i got the “basic badge” so i can reply anytime now ,i was still a new member so there were restritions…


Why am i even explaining myself here it’s not like i did something wrong ,also i really REALLY don’t care where we talk so don’t get the wrong ideas please


i’m really sorry, i’m not thinking like that at all i’m not saying that you lying or anything and i don’t mind talking here at all and i don’t mind waiting for an hour trust me. i’m sorry if made upset


I actually thought that it was actually me who made you upset because of…well nothing ,anyway it’s just a misunderstanding ,how was your day today?


i’m kind nervous, tomorow is my first day at school, you knwo ?


Yup i know x) but they are the same people from last year ,right?


actually that’s the problem, i heard that most of my past classmates failed their 3rd year wich means we will be at the same classe and i don’t like it !


Oh why don’t you like it ?


ahh! i don’t know it’s just i didn’t get along with the way i did with the ones of last year besides the classe is gonna be filled maybe 30 or more and the more students the harder it will be to focus, you know ?


Ah yeah i get that ,i’d get anxious in that situation too tbh ,if you really want to get your exam at the end of the year don’t mind anyone ,sit on the first table ,talk with the ones you’re comfortable with and just don’t care about the others ,and if anything happens you can tell me here maybe i can help you with moral support you never know


Focus on yourself and on your future this is your year ,you can do it and i’m 100% sure you’re better than all of them so even if you’re not that confident walk in there with at least 50% of confidence


thanks for the pep talk, i really appreciate it but don’t be so sure that i’m better than all of them and you can talk to me whenever you want and btw,are you 100percent confident ?


Ah lmao yeah i’m like what -100% confident but when it comes to studies or when i was in my last year like you i had some problems i never had not even one in 2 years but of course 3rd year, what i did was not give a single damn about people for that year only and how i did that was by staying home for the whole year xDD and talk to maybe 3 people ONLY when i had problems in maths or physics ,people in highschool are super immature just don’t mind them and me saying you’re better comes from anxiety ,it just makes you feel less confident if you feel more confident about passing your exam while staying at home then do it ,put yourself in the most comfortable situation you can