Anyone from algeria


Science aka hell ,i always loved foreign languages but somehow i ended up studying science


let me guess, you thought you were ready for science but it turn out it was harder than you think!


Yup i was like oh yeah i know languages why would i go there i need something new ,my mum got so mad she wanted me to do something i was good at ,i kind of don’t regret it even tho i adore foreign languages ,science is great too it’s hell because of the teachers but its super intresting


what about your anxiety is it getting better in uni, are you still getting panick attacks ? (hope not btw)


oh college ,its so big and there are so many people ,it had gotten a tiny bit better in my first year ,but last year was pure hell when i failed ,panick attacks were getting worse i was even getting them in class ,i had to figure out way not to bring attention to me ,and i thought everything would be good in uni but people still bully me ,all that stress and anxiety started showing in my skin i had skin problems and other physical ones ,i isolated myself last year and did not talk to anyone ,i just glared at people when all i wanted was just someone who understands,i didnt talk to others in my class which made them step on me and take advantage ,so far uni is the worst but im trying to survive i guess…


tell me about yours ,how are you doing ,how do you cope with it


hey nayla, are you there ?


Oh hey im here now ,just woke up from a nap


sorry i was gone last night !


Ah it’s all right don’t worry about it,how are you doing?


good thanks, i read what you wrote about your anxiety btw and it realy discribe me


Ouch i’m sorry to hear that ,you can tell me about your experience with it too if you want


my anxiety started when i was in middle school i used to be the quiet one in class i get bullied a lot but it wasnt’ that hard i kept pushing through until i went to high school my anxiety has never been worse, somtimes i feel like i was going to fall down anyone who see me would notice that i was nervous i was always out in class and i found it hard to catch on with the program but with time the anxiety started to lower down but i’m still struggling though for now (sorry took me some time)


But hey i think you’re gonna actually get better in uni ,guys have it better because eveyone comes and talks to you from the first day ,especially in the foreign languages field ,they are adorable both the girls and boys ,you’re not gonna be left alone ever xDD (btw don’t apologize it’s okay really ,i can understand, you really don’t have to)


so that means things just got better with you


hey nayla, you there ?


Ha i wish ,here everyone is selfish EVERYONE they just care about themselves ,when they need help they cry and all but when its you they just play victim like “ohh i don’t know about this sorry :/” when they actually get the best grade ,i’ve gotten better because well i passed and didn’t talk to anyone for almost 3 months but uni is starting in a week and im gonna get super anxious again ,my mum is super upset that i don’t have friends but yeah it’s just how it is she’s wants to take me to a psy but i don’t think its gonna make anything better ,want to talk in another platform btw? This one keeps saying that ive reached my limit x)


you reached your limit ,like you can’t reply anymore ?


Yup ,i have to reply after 15 minutes


hey nayla, you there ?