Anyone from algeria



i am from algeria, i suffer social anxiety and do not know if there is other people like me from my country,
please post here if you are from algeria


hey, i’m from algeria and i suffer from social anxiety too


Hey i suffer from extreme social anxiety and i’m also from algeria !


hey nayla, how bad is your social anxiety ?


Oh like i said it’s extreme and i don’t know what to do ,i can’t talk walk eat or meet someone without feeling like im doing something wrong ,it’s really horrible it’s like your mind controls you ,how is yours?

(Sorry i took sometime to answer ,hope yours had gotten better btw)


it’s the same, every time i walk in the street i feel like people are watching me or when i talk to a group of people i just stay quiet and i don’t what to say , what if i said it wrong etc…
(sorry i didn’t check for a long time) do you live in algeria ?


Yup for the now i live in algeria ,you?


yeah me too but, what do you mean for the now ?


Oh for now like maybe i’ll move in the future ,how old are you?


I’m 19, how old are you ?


Oh! I’m 19 too, what’s your name?


well,my name is malik


Great ,as you can see from my user name i’m nayla ,nice to meet you malik ,are you in your first year of uni?
(Im sorry if im asking too many questions or anything it’s just that i feel more comfortable that we’re kind of the same mentally ,i hope you feel that way too)


nice to meet you too and don’t worry, i feel exactly the same way. btw i’m still in high school because i failed two classes before , 4th year in midlle school and 2nd in high school,now is my final year, how is your first year in uni ?


Those two were seriously the hardest for me too ,i failed my first year of uni and nowi passed i’m in my second year ,but i’m sure you’ll do even better now .you know, it was an experience we’re still young ,first year was super hard and i was exhausted from the last year in highschool the teachers were horrible as well and SAD doesn’t help ,what are you studying in highschool?


i study foreign languages


That’s awesome ,are you in spanish or german?


i study german which is the hardest material,you?


Biology in usthb ,funny thing i was just seaching for german courses because i want to learn german this year .


what did you study in high school ?