Anyone else feeling triggered?


Hello everyone,

I’m listening to the session 3 podcast and feeling somewhat triggered by the examples being used. I can’t help but tear up or have flashbacks because most of the examples Dr. Richards is using are just too relatable. I guess it’s understandable for me to feel a bit distressed. All I want to know is that I’m not alone in this.

Other than that, I feel like the sessions are making me feel much better. Work has been more bearable and, dare I say it, almost enjoyable.

  • Farah


Hi Farah,

I know how you feel - listening to these examples can be difficult because they feel like they hit too close to home, and when one ANT is triggered it can set off a big chain reaction of negativity. But you also mention that you don’t want to feel alone in this, and that is one of the positives I take from listening to these kinds of examples: hearing somebody else talk about the exact kinds of things I have experienced and learning that actually, it is not just me. These are the kinds of things that Dr Richards went through in the past, yet he managed to overcome social anxiety, and leave these thoughts in the past. So if Dr Richards can do it, why can’t people like you or me do it too?

Session 3 talks about catching, stopping, and labelling our negative thoughts, so perhaps when you notice yourself feeling upset about hearing the examples, instead of just listening to the ANTs, you now have an opportunity to practice the new strategy. That’s how I try to see it anyway.

I am happy that you are feeling better with the therapy. Sometimes I feel myself putting off doing the therapy when I know that something in one of the sessions sets off anxiety like this. But ultimately it is so worth doing it, and the more we stick with it, the more we become able to deal with those old negative thoughts.


I feel triggered, but I also think of it like this: this guy is actually talking about recovery from the exact thing I’m looking to recover from. It’s way more spot-on than any therapist I’ve gone to. And so, while it is triggering, I feel this huge relief that this program is to target, specifically, exactly the thoughts and feelings that have beaten me up so badly my whole life.


That’s going to be a big part of the process, unfortunately.

You’ll learn in a later session that “setbacks” where you you feel overwhelmed and depressed are going to occur from time to time, and that’s actually a sign that you’re making progress.

What’s happening is that you’re becoming more aware of what social anxiety is doing to you, and that’s good because now you can catch those thoughts and feelings and make them go away.

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile: