Anybody interested to have a study partner?


Hey! I just found this site. It is a miracle. Can I have a study buddy? Is that possible? I am afraid I won’t be able to stay focused.


U can add me in skype dude …


Hi all, seen it has gone a little quiet on this thread, @livinginpeace, enjoyed the diary entries, keep them coming. This is my first attempt on the course, I am striving to keep it going and not a have a fear of succeeding, then stopping halfway. alex.gibson222 on skype if anyone wants to add me and contact me as a study buddy.


Im interested. Ive found starting a private Facebook group works well for support. What do you think?


Hi there! Would be great to be in a study group. Maybe via Skype?


It’s good to see others have benefited from this thread, although I myself couldn’t keep it going partly because I was busy and in less SA provoking situations lately. Good luck to all. I myself will restart sometime soon and continue my daily diary entries right here.


Yes , Skype is really good


@Zainab_Nalees, @Catherine_Griffith, @Kapten, @jamie15, @Sarah_Jean and anyone else interested in a study group. Let me know if you’re interested in setting up a group via Skype. This would allow us to have personal interaction and real time conversations which I think would be really helpful. If you’re interested, I can set something up. I think it would be great just to talk about the lessons, our learnings and challenges, and a great way to make new friends!


Yes , i prefer setting up something like that would be great , so if we have any doubt about the lessons we can share .


Sounds good. I have just set up a Skype account.


@Bonzi - I am interested in the study group. If it isn’t too late to join will you please let me know how. Thank you!