Anybody interested to have a study partner?


Report D11: Did 1/2 hr therapy today. PMR, read slow talk, my garden and ANTs handout in slow talk. Read 3 rational coping statements and went over Attitudes.
Beh plan: start day with loud greetings at work. Use slow talk at least once. Stop ANTs and replace with attitude statements.
Last day: Did pretty good at the event (party we hosted). Avoided prophesizing and visualizing failure, used the mirage rational statement before event. Did deflect a few ANTs throughout. Allowed myself to feel good and proud afterwards. Didn’t have the after- event exhaustion.
Concern: I am worried that this is a high-before-the-fall (another ANT, I guess)


Report D12: Did 1/2hr therapy today- PMR, session 6 handouts.
Plan for day: Loud greeting at work, try to do slow talk atleast once, stop ANTS and replace with attitude statements.
Yesterday: stopped rehashing ( trying to find fault with) previous event several times.


Report D 13: Woke up late. Did 20 min of therapy- ANTs handout and self fulfilling prophecy. plan to listen to the audio for 10min during my drive to work.
Goal for the day- Loud greetings at work. S-L-O-W talk (wonder if I will ever manage it). Note down the Ants deflected during the day, so I remember them later (I feel like it helps to remember the small successes).
Yest: I am in general paying less attention to ANTs. I diverted myself from feeling bad when I got a compliment yesterday (SA makes me feel bad about good compliments!..getting over this is one of my ultimate goals)


Report D14: Did 1/2hr therapy- PMR, rational statements, slow read attitudes hand out and look around technique hand out
Yest: Noticed that strategies of slow talk and muscle relaxation helps keep anger in check too. Managed to not to get mad at my cranky child. Did louder greetings. Did 20min audio listening as planned


Good, honest comment about rejecting compliments. I know many of us can relate to this. Becoming rational about accepting rational, positive feedback is also important and healthy. Well done.


Report D15: Managed to get back on daily therapy. Did 1/2hr summarizing sessions 2 through 5.
Plan: Loud greetings at work. (I have noticed my difficulty with this waxes and wanes. Today I feel less inclined/ confident to do this simple task; but I am going to try anyway.) Continue my ANTs, slow talk attempts,
use attitude statements, avoid rehashing. Will keep track of my successes.



Whatever may come, after it happens, don’t rehash it endlessly. You did it, and that’s the success. If you’re going negative with it, try to cut that line of thought. If you flooded yourself once, okay. You can come back and take it more gradually. It is true we will never be perfectly ready to always jump off that diving board, but usually when we do, and when we are ready with skills to handle it, the jump turns out to be more fun or easier than we thought. Then we try it again. Don’t compare the “beauty” of your dive to anyone else’s.


Thanks Mateo

Report D 16: did 20 min therapy today.
Plan: Stay focused in the present; avoid focusing internally on myself.


I find liveinpeace’s daily posts very motivating. I wonder if anyone else is reading and would like to join this conversation. Motivation, working together. I also understand the hesitancy - the fear of sharing. Writing something… anything and then clicking “reply” and feeling nervous about putting your words out there for the world to read or judge. Just remember, we are here together working on the same issue. We understand each other. No one is judging. We are here as a team, to work towards the freedom to enjoy life.


Hey! Are you still interested in a study partner? I’m going to try this therapy again for the third time, I’ve never been able to finish it because it was hard for me to stay motivated.


Hi Jamie15,

I certainly am interested! We are on the same boat. I am restarting the third or fourth time too. Reporting here, maintaining this thread and the feedback I get here has helped me immensely to stay on track. You and anybody else out there, are more than welcome to join in here. We can motivate, support and help each other.


Report D17: Did I/2 hr therapy. Summarized sessions 1-6. I remember getting stuck after session 6, because I am unable to do the behavioral experiment suggested in the balance sheet handout. I have to figure out experiments that I can do each day. For today will stick with the loud greetings, but I know I need to brainstorm to start other experiments.


Hi jamie15!

Thanks for getting involved in the post! Liveinpeace is doing a a tremendous job of sharing their every day with us, with honesty. Not every day is a great one, and that’s completely normal, right? But showing us the ups and downs, and showing us that they are sticking with the therapy habit.

Perhaps you can add your voice to this thread? I know that can be scary, too. Remember we all do understand what each other are going through. Some people find that posting here becomes its own motivation. And I know for sure that other readers here benefit from what people post. You might be helping yourself and thousands of others.

Even if you do not wish to post here, finding that partner will be tremendously helfpul. You and liveinpeace have the ability to PM here. You might start that way. Simply journaling your daily experience with the therapy to another person, to keep you on track, to give you rational feedback, and to be there when you might hit a setback.

Take care!


Report D18: Did 20min therapy- read session 7 handouts. Had a set back the other day, at least shook it off, didn’t let it stick.


Hi , I would like to have a study partner … I would like to join with me


Yes, Zainab, I would like that very much. How would you like to do it. We could continue our daily updates as a thread right here, if that sounds okay to you.


Tremendous job, liveinpeace! Having setbacks is a natural part of overcoming social anxiety. You could say a necessary part. We all have them. You understood this and kept on going. Good for you!


Here is my Skype I’d zai_na9 ,


Hey! I just found this site. It is a miracle. Can I have a study buddy? Is that possible? I am afraid I won’t be able to stay focused.


U can add me in skype dude …