Any one from morocco?


Oh yes I did, big times and I’m looking forward to helping others who have no clue what they dealing with


However, I’m not yet where I want to be. I still have lots of work to do and I hope that one day ill be able to do group therapy. It is what I think I need now


hey guys i’m glad i found this thread ^^ its kind of a relief


Hi chebakia hhhm you aren’t alone. (I love chebakia)


Lol its the first thing that popped into my head. Anyway my name’s Narjis im from Agadir and im 20 ^^


hi narjis. im glad you are here. im achraf from casa


hello, i’m from algeria. neignboors. anyone from algeria here ?


Hi Rom
Few people from the great maghreb know this because it is an english speaking website
Anyway, I’m from Morocco and if you feel like talking feel free


This thread is getting bigger thanks to google. Glad I found you guys. I’m from Settat too btw Achraf, oh and where do you live exactly?


Hi Haytam. Glad someone is from Settat. Please give me your whatsupp or Facebook or anything through which I can reach you… I hope you hurry up because soon I’ll leave settat


Yeah okay.
My facebook
See on the other side bro :wink:



I am Hassan from rabat, I have suffered from social anxiety and isolation from teenagehood and I have no one here to open up to, I am glad there are moroccans who can talk about it without judgements I am tired from being alone and unable to make social contacts.


I feel so relieved guys that there are people who are from morocco and open to talk about this


Don’t worry, Hassan. You are not alone… Anxiety is only a wrong system of belief and thought. Otherwise we weren’t born with it. We are here to help each other. Free free to contact me. We can benefit from each other :wink:


I’m from morocco , Rabat, me too suffering from social anxiety. i heard you people talking about a program called “Dr Richards’ program”. can someone help


Hello…i’m new here …feel free to approach me…i need help :confused:


Can anyone tell me about the “Dr RIchard programm”?


Hello Fz.ben and Anouarr,

You asked about Dr. Richards’ program. The audio therapy series is called “Overcoming Social Anxiety: Step by Step”. The therapy series is a cognitive behavioral therapy program designed specifically for those dealing with social anxiety. It can be used as the foundational, step by step plan if you are seeing a therapist AND it can be used by anyone who does not have access to a therapist and is looking for a path to overcoming social anxiety. 25 sessions of therapy, designed as if you were coming to a therapist weekly, discussing the cognitive therapy, and then all the handouts, materials and exercises you do daily to effectively work towards changing the way we think and feel, to overcome social anxiety. The website is: and the page describing ther therapy is here -

Take care,


Hello, guys I’m too from morocco oujda i just signed up today, i’m really frustrated because of social anxiety


Hi, Anouar… you are not alone, Brother
Hopefully one day we will be able to group therapy in morocco, which an important step in overcoming SA