Anxiety Attack and Slow talk


Session 2 says that slow talk will reduce anxiety, however when I get in an anxiety situation the adrenalin takes over my body in a split second I can’t even talk never mind use slow talk, does anyone have same problem and is there a solution?


As I understand it, practice reading the handouts in slow talk and practice slowing down your thinking in situations where it is easy to do. Do this again and again and again and your brain will learn to slow things down. At some point you will find your brain doing this FOR YOU in an anxiety provoking situation. Even if it is small congratulate yourself on a job well done. Celebrate it. Your brain is being rewired. I know this is what is working for me. Just keep up the practicing. It may seem like nothing is really changing until some amazing moment when you suddenly realize it has worked.! I hope this helps.


dont force yourself to use these strategies before its somewhat comfortable to do so. just keep practicing slow talk during your normal handout reading sessions. you can then implement as much slow talk as you can in your normal life, when there are situations that are somwhat anxiety producing but not outright terrifying.

otherwise, what Cielle said. to some degree you will start to do things without thinking much about them, wether its catching ants or using slow talk / relaxation.


Thanks for your help, I understand a bit better now.



Hello. I have the exact same thing, especially in confrontational situations. My heart races to about 160 beats per minute, I am in “tunnel vision” and I am just trying to get through the situation.

I am not a doctor and I don’t know Dr. Richard’s view on it, but a low dose of propranonol, has been very helpful to me at times. It is a beta-blocker. It is non addictive. It simply slows your heart rate down and the effects of adrenaline.

However, it is not something I want to rely on forever, becasue sometimmes these situations arise so quicly there is no time but just to cope.

I am really getting benefits from just seeking these calming strategies into my brain over and over. I also have recorded myself saying these statements and say them again out loud to myself while in the car. It gives me a positive boost and also is getting the new thoughts into my subconscious.

I hope that helped :slight_smile:



Kelly, i can see what you mean about learning to be calm in these situations so that when an anxiety situation arises the adrenalin doesn’t take over. I will keep going with the therapy before considering medication. I can see how the propranolol would help to get you more used to being calm in an anxiety situation, it might be useful for meetings or other similar situations.

Thanks for your advice.