ANTs for past experiences


what if the ANTs that I have are almost all about negative past experiences. They are not really thinking that everyone is looking at me etc. But about things that happened in the past and people that hurt me in the past. So then I cant use a statement that it is not true although I seem to remember mostly negative things and not positive. what are some good ANTs for this?


well theyre not “true” in the sense that they dont show you an accurate picture of reality. as you said, they only show you what has been negative, not any good things that have nor the many many hours in your life that have been mostly uneventful and neutral. they also lie to you about whats important, which is your present, not the past.

so dont take the “lying” too literal, lying can be anything that distracts from the truth. think of a slimy politician talking about everything but whats important (even when he happens to be technically right about a thing or two…).

they might be lying about the event as such an the impact it had on you and other people. what i found to happen very often in the past and still sometimes to today that after an event happened, which didnt cause me to feel strongly in either direction, my ants would start to potrait it as some kind of catastrophic failure causing me to develop negative feelings about it where there were none intially.