Proactivity Reports

Category definition for Proactivity Reports (2)
Talking to people more and more ( 2 3 4 5 ) (88)
Tell us YOUR examples of Conditional / Rational beliefs developed over time (14)
Volunteering and Spending time with Foreigners (4)
Conversations with Parents and Teachers at Daycare (2)
I just told two of my cousins I had social anxiety (1)
Please recommend any useful blog or Yoitube channel for self improvement (4)
Mistakes are not evil (4)
I've Stuck With It (2)
Embarrassing night out, but who cares (3)
Exposure in crowded city (1)
Back on track-feeling grateful (1)
Conversation with my boss! (4)
Therapy got me exercising daily (3)
Improvement! Attended workshop and had positive results! (6)
I joined a community service group (2)
Being more social (2)
Being sang "Happy Birthday"at work (2)
I could have made myself look stupid....and I wasn't hard on myself! (2)
Registered for improv classes! Starting in two weeks! (4)
Therapy Journal ( 2 ) (24)
My therapy journal (10)
Going to a Bar with Husband and a few of his friends tomorrow (2)
Joined Toastmasters (3)
And Finally I decided to speak (2)
I attack my (lack of) conversation skills! (4)
Going on Social Holidays (5)
I Agreed to do a Presentation (6)
It's Speech Time! (2)