Overcoming Social Anxiety   Session 3

Why do i get pumped up when i hear my name out loud at school? (8)
Being specific when 'telling your brain the truth' (3)
My Brain Isn't Me (6)
Need Help in Distractions (3)
What if ANT's are true? (7)
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Distractions During Social Situations (4)
30 Minute Study Time? (2)
How to distract when everything is an ANT/ANF? (8)
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One Big ANT. How do i stop it? (2)
Does the brain have a double standard? (2)
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What I need to do in 30min of therapy? (3)
Having Negative Memory While Singing (3)
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Manic after session three start..amazing (4)
Negative Visualizations (4)
Clarifying this session (4)
Stopping ANTS when out in public (3)
Stopping ANTs in social situations? (7)
Stopping statements for ANFs (1)
Stopping thoughts and saying that they are irrational (3)
Telling my brain the truth? - Step 4 (5)
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